Hey Auburn fans, I’m not buyin’ it. Your videos are fake.

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Assclowns, Sports


So everyone has seen the videos of fans watching the Auburn finish against Alabama last Saturday, right? I posted a compilation shortly after the game. Anyway, after thoughtful study I’ve reached a disturbing conclusion . . .

Many of them are fake.


Here me out on this one, I’m dead serious. First off, why were they filming themselves? The game was tied and Alabama was attempting a very long field goal. 99.999% of the people were expecting the kick to be missed and the game to go into overtime. Maybe, maybe I can see an Alabama fan filming in case the field goal was made, but Auburn? Makes no sense. Nobody was expecting what happened to happen.

Secondly, think about this. The player caught the missed field goal, ran up the sideline, almost stepped out of bounds, then scored a touchdown. As a fan, what would your first reaction be? To grab your kid off the couch and roll around on the floor? To run out of the room screaming?  No. You would wait. You’d get closer to the screen, tell everybody to shut up, and make sure there were no flags or to see if he’d stepped out of bounds. Hell, to just make sure what you’d just seen, something so highly unexpected and unusual, was going to be allowed.

So, fake.


You can’t fool me, Auburn frauds.

War Damn Eagle my ass.

Wouldn’t you wait to celebrate?



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