From the “Don’t Ask if You’re Not Prepared for an Honest Answer” Department.

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Coaching, Humor, Life, Sports
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So, after my first couple years of coaching I was looking for a varsity assistant. I had  a few guys in for interviews, and I’d take them around the facilities showing them the locker rooms, offices and whatnot. One of the applicants was obviously a pretty religious guy because he was peppering me with questions regarding pre-game prayers and such. While I’m not opposed to that sort of thing, it was a little annoying because he kept getting me off-point.

With this in mind, we’re walking through our Field House where all the weightlifting equipment used to be set up. As we’re walking through, the guy asks me what kind of sideline demeanor I exhibited.  Did I berate the officials or yell a lot at the kids? Did I use bad language? At this point I really felt as if he was passing judgement on me. At that very moment we happened to be walking by one of my seniors-to-be, a hard-nosed little defensive specialist who was one of the toughest little SOBs I ever coached. Many of you know who I’m talking about. He was lifting free weights and sweatin’ like a boss. I then, for reasons unbeknownst to me, asked him this question:

“Hey (name withheld), what’s the worst thing I said to you last season?”

I don’t know if I was being stupid or simply didn’t care by asking him that. In retrospect I may have been setting the whole situation up because the wannabe coach was being so sanctimonious. In any case, here was my player’s answer, without missing a beat:

“Well, over at Unioto you called me a gutless pussy.”

For about 5-seconds, crickets.

Oh boy. At that point I did the only thing I could think of, which was move forward:

“If you walk over here I’ll show you our locker facilities . . .”

I think you know how that job opportunity turned out.

Note: Again, it was a different time. Plus, I could have said anything to that kid and he wouldn’t have flinched. So chillax, I’m not going to call your kid a bad name.

  1. I don’t get why this guy was questioning you. Wasn’t he the one wanting a job?

    And news flash: men are crude, especially in sports (as opposed to fashion.) They use bad language.

  2. […] From the “Don’t Ask if You’re Not Prepared for an Honest Answer” Department.: This was simply a short story about one of my former players and an honest answer he gave to a simple question. […]

  3. Joe says:

    That’s funny. I won’t hire a coach with a lot of hangups. You have to be able to be relaxed.

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