Greatest. Feeling. Ever.

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Humor, Life, Sparky, WTF?
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OK, maybe not the greatest but it’s up there . . .

4:45 AM.

I am dreaming. It’s a good dream because I’m being kissed on the face. As I swim into consciousness though, I come to realize that it’s not what I think.

That mug to the right is what I see. It is Sparky who warms my face with wet kisses. Damn it. I look at the clock to check the time.

4:47 AM.

Damn it again. I quickly do the math. I can take the pup out and be back in by 5:00. That would give me a full hour to hit the warm confines of my bed, and the sweet dreams that accompany it, once again. Nice. This is actually better than waking up at 6:00 and having to bounce right out of bed.

4:50 AM.

I throw on some clothes, some shoes and a coat and head out into the early morning chill, still trying to get my head together. Only then to I begin to think about the day ahead. Complete Sparky’s walk, back to bed for a bit, shower, go to school . . .  wait.

It hits me.

It’s Saturday.

Sweet mother, it’s Saturday! I don’t have an hour, I have many hours, six if I want. Eight! I may just sleep ’til noon, damn it! Y-E-S!

Greatest feeling ever, or close to it. But . . .

5:09 AM.

Alas, now that I know I don’t have to get up I’m wide awake.

Son-of-a-bitch. Maybe I’ll write a blog.

5:23 AM

The feeling has passed. I’m going back to bed.

Greatest feeling ever.

Or close to it.

  1. Andrea Stewart says:

    That is funny…I actually done almost the same thing this past Saturday. I jumped up at 6:57 grabbed my robe and ran into the living room started yelling at the kids..get up get up we’ve got five minutes till the bus! Shawn jumps up starts to grab clothes and then yells wait!! Its Saturday! ! I was like shit…go back to sleep ill see you later! Lmao

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