Man with carbon fiber legs to compete in the London Olympics. Hold on a second . . .

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Opinion, Sports, WTF?

W-a-i-t a second . . .

Alright, I’m about to piss off approximately 87% of my followers. For this I apologize in advance. Seriously, I’m sorry, but you know me. It’s been eating at me so I gotta do this. So, with deep breaths and open minds, let us proceed . . .Have you heard of Oscar Pistorius? He’s the dude in the photo there. He’s a South African runner who will be competing in the 400 meters in the olympics soon. Oh, and he runs on carbon fiber legs. To be precise, they’re Cheetah Flex-Foot Carbon Fibre Transtibial Artificial Limbs. Jeebus. His nickname? “Blade Runner.” Very cool, right? It’s a heartwarming story of courage, a story of a man overcoming his handicap to achieve an ultimate dream. Trust me, you’re going to be seeing this guy all over television this summer. Tears will flow freely and adulation will rain down. And you know what? All that will be justified. You know what else?

It’s not fair.

It’s cheating.

There. I said it. Now before you throw a hissy fit, no, I wouldn’t want to trade places with the guy, and there’s no correlation between my opinion of his unfair advantage and my admiration for his accomplishment, so stop it. Just stop it. Like I said, an open mind is required here.

Still, I’ll say it again. It’s not fair. Not to the other runners. Not sure if you noticed, but the man has springs for legs.

Nobody will complain because, well, who wants to bitch about getting beat by a guy with no legs below the knees? But don’t you think, in the privacy of their own brains, they just might be having this thought?

“What the hell? He has springy things for legs! I don’t get to have springs for legs! What’s next? They gonna let a guy with pogo sticks for legs in the high jump? A guy with a jackhammer for an arm in the shot put competition? C’mon!”

Let me just finish up here with this thought – would Oscar Pistorius be in the olympics without the Cheetah Flex-Foot Carbon Fibre Transtibial Artificial Limbs?

Would be be fast enough with his regular, normal legs?

That’s what I thought.

Let the angry comments commence.

Update: It has been pointed out to me that another advantage Pistorious has is in the area of injuries, fatigue and soreness. Thanks for the tip Brad K.

  1. Slunde says:

    I have to agree…kinda makes me feel bad for feeling that way but he has a mechanical advantage.

  2. Pamela Poyet says:

    I agree, Dave. While I feel for the guy, he lost his legs. That’s terrible. But this is definitely an unfair advantage. They won’t even let you compete if you have taken some prescription medications because it “might” enhance your performance. These legs obviously will.

  3. Christine. says:

    You’ve just said what others are afraid to say but think anyway. There are many arguments for and against, you were just the one who was brave enough to say how you feel. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. 🙂

  4. He definitely has an unfair advantage. I also think that transgender females have an unfair advantage in sports, too, but you don’t dare say that.

    As far as the advantage for injuries, it may be he has a disadvantage because his stumps may get blistered and sore. I don’t know that. Would be interesting to find out.

  5. Nikki Shepard Edingfield says:

    I agree. And this also made me laugh. As stated previously, you are just saying something that alot of others would only think. But it is the truth.

  6. Jess says:

    Sorry but I don’t agree with you. What we sometimes see as an advantage truly isn’t for others. It’s all about perspective and many objections have a truly emotionally motivate. I am not saying yours is, though it might be; due to your expressed passion against his “unfair” advantage. However, for many it is. Life wasn’t fair for this man in so many ways but instead of the poor poor pitful me game so many play, he is not only accepting that life isn’t fair but he is dealing with it. There is no such thing as a level playing field. That is myth many of us get sucked into. Yes I would be one of those that would be cheering for him because he is overcoming obvious obstacles but I would also cheer for the athlete that sliently burried his mom the week before winning his first gold medal as well. We all have challenges but they do not have to define us but how we deal with those challenges can and will.

    • Shoe says:

      Well said Jess, and although we disagree I can certainly understand your perspective. Millions agree with you. Thanks for reading!

      • Jess says:

        Your welcome. I too appreciate you respectfully disagreeing with me. We have somehow lost that art in today’s time. You are setting a fine example for others by doing so and I appreciate that greatly.


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