Great Rock Lyrics – The Eels

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Rock Lyrics
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Note: The Shoestring of the Day can be anything. Great lyrics, videos, movie scenes, photos, whatever fits the mood.  Today’s rock lyric comes from my man Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels.

Got a sky that looks like heaven

Got an earth that looks like shit

And it’s getting hard to tell where

What I am ends

And what they’re making me begins.

Climbing to the Moon” – The Eels (Mark Oliver Everett)

  1. Helle says:

    E is a great lyricist.

  2. Alberto Brozzo says:

    I use to sing this song as I bought Electroshock Blues….some day ago i decided to record this song, to feel how could it fit with my voice…I’m really missing Eels…. does anybody have some piece of news about E?

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